Privacy Statement Utrecht City Concepts

This privacy statement applies to Utrecht City Concepts, its subsidiaries, and the various Utrecht City Concepts brands. Utrecht City Concepts respects its website visitors’ privacy and ensures that any information you provide us, personal information and otherwise, is processed confidentially. Processing of personal data is carried out in accordance with legal requirements.

We prepared this statement to explain our procedures concerning the personal information you provide to us, or which we gather through our websites. The information may have been shared either in written or oral form, or may have been collected during a visit to one of our establishments, or have come from other sources. 

Responsibility for personal data

Utrecht City Concepts is responsible for processing your personal data. Utrecht City Concepts determines the aims and means for its processing and is thereby obligated to act in accordance with legal requirements. Our employees, and third parties contracted by us, are required to respect the confidentiality of your data.

Processing of personal data

We meet the legal requirements of the privacy law when processing data. This means, among other things, that we:

  • clearly state for what purposes we process personal data. We do so through this privacy statement;
  • aim to limit our gathering of personal data to only that personal data which is necessary for our determined purposes;
  • first request your permission to process your personal data in such cases where your permission is required;
  • take appropriate security measures to protect your personal data and also demand this from parties who process personal data at our behest;
  • respect your right to access, edit, or delete your personal data at any time.

Purpose of processing data

If you visit our website, request information through our website, book accommodation, request a service, or contact us by telephone, we register your personal data. Utrecht City Concepts only processes personal data necessary for different purposes.

Utrecht City Concepts processes personal data for the following purposes:

  • to be able to contact you;
  • to process your reservation and to inform you about its progress;
  • to ensure your payment proceeds correctly, or, if necessary, facilitate a reimbursement through the payment provider;
  • to answer your questions or handle your complaints via social media, email, by post, or by telephone.

Should you wish to no longer receive emails concerning information and activities of Utrecht City Concepts or one of its subsidiaries/brands, you can make use of the option to unsubscribe included in every email sent by Utrecht City Concepts.

Your privacy rights

If you are in any way involved with our company, you will have the possibility to access your personal data after a written request. You can have your data deleted or edited if the overview presented by us contains inaccuracies. You also have the right to request your data in a file, so that other parties may receive and use your data.


Visiting data and Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to monitor general visiting data. This data is used for statistical analyses of visiting and clicking behaviour on our websites. This is also used to optimise our websites.

We would like to point out that this data can never be traced back to you as a person or individual. This does not include those cases where you identify yourself as a person through one of the forms on our websites. For example, this includes filling in an email address when making a reservation. 

Data processing agreement

We have signed a data processing agreement with all companies who process our data. This includes stipulations as to what ends personal data may be processed and which security measures must be taken when storing personal data. It also states that those who process data must handle it confidentially and may not, acting on their own behalf, process personal data for any other use than determined in the data processing agreement.

Storage period

Partly to be determined by yourself, provided it is in accordance with other laws

  • Security camera footage                               4 weeks
  • Job interview procedure                                4 weeks
  • Storage of personal data                                ....

Providing data to third parties

Whenever necessary for carrying out the goals included in this Privacy Statement, in some cases Utrecht City Concepts will provide personal data to third parties. When a booking is made to the:

  • hosting party booking engine;
  • payment provider, providing payment and reimbursement services;
  • review partner, enabling us to invite customers to write a review or to send out customised information and/or offer(s).

Sharing personal data

1. Sharing and receiving personal data within Utrecht City Concepts

  • Utrecht City Concepts may share your (personal) data within various Utrecht City Concepts departments.
  • Utrecht City Concepts ensures that the European standards of data protection for personal data are adopted within its departments.
  • Utrecht City Concepts cannot be held accountable when personal data must be provided to local authorities, in accordance with current legal requirements. 

2. Sharing and receiving data outside of Utrecht City Concepts

  • The aim of processing your personal data may involve that we share personal data with other organisations. In as far as there is no legal requirement or a requirement for your explicit consent, this sharing of data is handled solely on the basis of carrying out the agreement between you and Utrecht City Concepts or when Utrecht City Concepts has a legitimate interest in this.

3. No commercial use

Utrecht City Concepts will not sell, nor lease, divide or otherwise make your personal data accessible to third parties, except as described in this privacy statement, or unless with your prior consent.

Access to and editing of personal data

If you provided us with personal data, you may have it edited by us at any time. You can also turn to Utrecht City Concepts if you wish to access the data Utrecht City Concepts has registered from you. You can also have your data deleted or pass on possible corrections if the data is inaccurate or incomplete.

If you have any questions related to Utrecht City Concepts’ privacy policy, you can contact Utrecht City Concepts by email via

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